The Orphan Wisdom School is crafted specifically for all those people who will fail to live forever, who have come to the idea Рor been driven there Рthat their yearning for a deep life must be tethered to the plough of labour and learning to harrow the hardened field of sorrows and solitary, grey news that has become our corner of this beautiful world, so that children can one day soon be born into to a real, detailed, laboured over Better Day that we ourselves are now unlikely to see. Because none of this can be done in weekend workshops or homeless conference centres, we ask that you commit yourselves to what we call learning in real time, to gathering together for five days, twice a year, for two years, as a start. The programme for graduates continues beyond this two year introduction.

The learning and the teaching will be part history, all culture, mostly spirit, hugely ancestral, very local, ultimately practicable and hand made, each time about living, working and dying, purposefully delivered and achieved together in the belief that the rudiments of being a true, life serving village person lay waiting for water and light in all of us. If you stay with it long enough your hands will know as much as you will, and even your consternation will be articulate.

It is a school that requires no previous experience with living people, dying people or dead people – though you do have experience with all of them – and no particular employment, religion, educational standard or way of life. It is open to every shape, persuasion, style, language and hue of person with a heart inclined for opening and learning. Each of us deserve the chance to learn something deep, alive, human, urgent and mandatory. This is at the heart of the Orphan Wisdom School. Consider attending.


Date Session Name Registration Location Status
2016 May 11th to May 15th People Gathered by the Storm Register Cortes Island, BC, Canada Fourth Session – Closed
2016 Sept. 7th to 11th People of the Big Tent Register Ottawa Valley, ON, Canada Grad Scholars Only – Closed
2016 Sept. 28th to Oct. 2nd People Calling Called and Come 2/4 Register Ottawa Valley, ON, Canada Second Session – Closed
2017 April 26th to 30th People Calling Called and Come 3/4 Register Ottawa Valley, ON, Canada Third Session – Closed
2017 Sept. 20th to 24th People Calling Called and Come 4/4 Register Ottawa Valley, ON, Canada Fourth Session – Closed

If you have any questions, or would like to be put on the waiting list for the next school, contact us.