Here you will find brief descriptions of many of the teachings I have given over the last ten years. They are here to give you feeling for the scope of the many learning projects of the Orphan Wisdom teaching house.

In our teaching tours in Canada and the U.S. we have worked with local people and organizations to create hundreds of teaching events that respond to the needs and concerns of those communities and of the helping organizations that serve them.

One sure way for you to attend any workshop that interests you is to become a local sponsor and help to make a teaching event that we could present in your community. We have a ‘How It All Could Work’ promotional kit to help you plan and produce a workshop where you live and work. This spirit of partnership is the essence of Orphan Wisdom’s work. Contact us an email to learn more about these teachings.

  • Stephen Jenkinson - Spiral of Life
    Spiral of Life

    There are those whose life asks them by crisis or job description or great change to begin learning the techniques of helping others in the …

  • Stephen Jenkinson - Way of Grief
    Way of Grief

    From a young age we see around us that grief is mostly an affliction, a misery that intrudes into the life we deserve, a rupture …

  • Stephen Jenkinson - Care of the Dying
    Care of the Dying

    How we care for the dying people in our midst, and how we die when it is our turn: these together are the proving ground, …

  • Stephen Jenkinson - Making Wisdom
    Making Wisdom

    If you have ever seen a counsellor or therapist you know that the focus seems to go automatically to your childhood and your parents, or …

  • Orphan Wisdom - Site Slider - Stephen Jenkinson 201304
    Making a Village

    Years ago I showed a film to a group of men who were newly bereaved about how Tibetans once – maybe still – cared for …