Stephen Jenkinson - Spiral of Life

Spiral of Life

Teaching: Spiral of Life

There are those whose life asks them by crisis or job description or great change to begin learning the techniques of helping others in the perils of keeping a common humanity alive and well. For them I have made teachings specifically for understanding grief, or for the care of dying people. There are those who ask to learn how to make things of good use and beauty, things that have great stories attached, and for them I have made workshops teaching handmade skills.

Sometimes there are people who ask for the Story that tethers the stories together, who are lovers of questions, who look to the branch or the trunk or the root – and some even to the earth – of how it is, in that way yearning towards how it all could be. For these people I have made a caravan of teachings that trace something of the nap of the world, that are steeped in the Older Life, that have a fine love for the slower, elegant cadence of learning things well. Like that whorl in the down of a newborn’s crown this way of teaching spirals around the Great Mysteries, crosses paths with the Old Histories, and binds our little life span to something vast and enduring.