The Road’s Rumour

The Road’s Rumour

All the ragged spirals of our time on the road these last few years persuade us that maybe, maybe, there is something like a change in the air. At our teaching events there are now more plain folks than there are professional folks, and that is the beginning of how the care of dying people will change: more people trying to learn what dying asks of them and their communities. People will begin asking for as much humanity as they do technology, and their own humanity will grow where in former times it shrank.

People who are drawn to our work are starting to bring a new urgency and purpose to our sessions, and so these Orphan Wisdom teachings are now deepening too. We are beginning to see old friends and revisit communities who are asking for more.

The classes for our school are all but full two months before they meet, though there is room for a few more in January. People have flown in to join us from all over Canada and the U.S. This is beyond anything we thought might happen, and it’s another sign that people are seeking out the burdensome privilege of learning well.

Though the times are hard, and the willingness to think big is rarer in many places, the hearts of our work’s friends seem to be more supple now, more keen to learn and to help, more wanting to be useful to those around them. Please let us know if you’d like to join people like those in Guelph’s Sacred Wisdom Centre and Cortes Island’s Hollyhock Centre now organizing their communities for more Orphan Wisdom.

Stephen Jenkinson