Stephen Jenkinson on CBC’s ‘Fear Itself’ with Christy Ann Conlin

Stephen Jenkinson on CBC’s ‘Fear Itself’ with Christy Ann Conlin

Stephen Jenkinson on CBC’s Fear Itself with Christy Ann Conlin

Listen in on Christy Ann Conlin’s interview with Stephen Jenkinson on CBC’s radio show, Fear Itself. The show will be broadcast on Monday, August 13 at 7:30 PM and on Thursday August 16th at 9:30 AM. (All times Eastern Standard Time). The show will also be available for listening a short time after the broadcast.

Visit CBC Fear Itself online to listen during the broadcast times or after the show.

About Fear Itself

Fear Itself is a summer radio program that explores the whys, wherefores and whathaveyous of fear – why we are afraid, why we are both drawn to and repulsed by fear, the healthy role it plays in human life, and its pathological manifestation. We are built with the flight or fight instinct but what triggers which part of it in each of us? Why does he run screaming, and she with pounding heart, stands to face the monster?

About Fear Itself Host – Christy Ann Conlin

A self-described connoisseur of fear, Christy Ann Conlin eats terror for breakfast–that is, when she isn’t wrestling with her healthy fear of German attack dogs and lobsters, and, embarrassingly for an East Coaster, her fear of the ocean. Christy Ann’s critically acclaimed horror novel, Dead Time, was published in 2011. Her debut novel, Heave, was a national bestseller, a Globe and Mail book of the year, shortlisted for the First Novel Award and long listed for the 2011 CBC Canada Reads Top 40 Books of the Decade. Her second adult novel, Listening for the Island, a ghost story, will be published by Doubleday. She has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia where she wrote and studied fiction, stage and screenplay writing. Christy Ann lives and writes in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, an area renowned for brave sailors, fine wines, scary sea creatures and exotic ghosts.

Producer: Kent Hoffman is a broadcaster with a full skill set — for the past 20 or so years he’s been behind the board, behind the mic and behind the keyboard. He wants to understand fear as long as it doesn’t involve being left alone in a room full of rats. Through his work on Outfront and White Coat Black Art he’s come to understand that insight and digging below the surface are paramount to good storytelling. And through his work on As It Happens and Radio News and Current Affairs, he’s come to understand the fear of a deadline.