Podcast: Dying Wise in a Death Phobic Society

Stephen Jenkinson interviewed by Daniel Vitalis on Rewild Yourself. “I was humbled by my conversation with Stephen Jenkinson, teacher, author, storyteller and founder of the Orphan Wisdom School. This, my friends, is a very powerful interview. Stephen will make you re-think everything you thought you knew about dying.” ~ Daniel Vitalis. Listen and read about the full podcast details on danielvitalis.com

Episode Breakdown:

  • How to come to terms with death
  • The hallmarks of “dying badly”
  • What “dying well” looks like
  • The consequences of being kept away from ground zero of human mortality
  • We live our lives as if dying is the annihilation of life
  • Considering “after-life”
  • Understanding that your death does not belong to you
  • A disconnection from our ancestors
  • Learning from death