Interview Series: Birdhouse Interviews

Interview Series: Birdhouse Interviews

About The Birdhouse Interviews

This series is a program of invited guest speakers and thought leaders addressing issues of environment, culture, and regenerative living. The lectures are thematically curated to explore the intrinsic qualities of seasons, in order to inspire thoughtful engagement with the rhythms of the Earth. The Wisdom Series is The Birdhouse’s response to the unique challenges of our times, a plea for sanity and the cultivation of Wisdom, in the face of global- and community-scaled issues. As a society, we have unprecedented access to information of every kind, coupled with unrelenting demands on our time and attention. As a result, the felt reality for many is one of anxiety and uncertainty about how to proceed. Through lectures and readings, Birdhouse speakers investigate approaches to navigating the difficulties of our age, drawing both on novel social innovation and ancient Wisdom traditions.

“In a time like this, contemplation tethered to the troubled world is courageous.” – Stephen Jenkinson, COME OF AGE

About The Birdhouse

Part think-tank and arts lab, part urban greening experiment and sustainable land use model, the BirdHouse is born out of cooperative intentions, all circling around the question: What does it take to live a life that the planet Earth now demands?

This inquiry finds its way into the various activities and projects they host, the workshops in permaculture, food and plant medicine, singing and storytelling – All an attempt to grapple with, and find language for, how to be response-able in this time of trouble.

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This is a seven-part series interview series with Stephen Jenkinson. Each additional interview of the full series will be posted here as they are released.

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