Listen: Stranger Days

Listen: Stranger Days

What is this?

That’s something to think about, in the leisure hours imposed upon you now.

I’ve got a suggestion: This is a God. Not ‘from God’, or ‘of God’, or ‘by God’.

It’s more direct. INFESTANS. The God of now.

Strange days – and we have lots of them now – need strange thinking, strange words. A willingness – an ability – to be estranged.

This is an invitation to consider Stranger Days. Here is an out loud, elaborate troubledness, recorded in one take, live-off-the-floor, on Easter Friday 2020 by the River of Abundance and Time. Here are questions, answered by questions. What does a citizen of a troubled time do with the burden, the privilege, of citizenship? If there was ever a time made for elders in training …

The not-yet-born kids are looking through their spy glass, at us, now. Someday, they’ll ask those two questions:

When you were my age, did you know what was happening?

What did you do?

Whatever we do now will be their lives, you see.

It’s time we answered them.

Listen below: