Interview Series: 60 Second Answers

Interview Series: 60 Second Answers

At the conclusion of their recent recording sessions, the principles of DARK ROADS/ROUGH GODS and Nights of Grief & Mystery, Stephen Jenkinson and Gregory Hoskins, sat down and wondered with each other about what they’d just done. What happened was a kind of mystery chess match. The rules were simple: One question. One Answer. One minute on the clock. Go. Watch the series as each session is released over time below. Scroll to bottom for the latest episodes.

Episode 1: Not Alone With The Rhythm

Episode 2: Tragic Criminals

Episode 3: Collateral Damage

Episode 4: At What Cost, The Nights?

Episode 5: All I Got

Episode 6: Sex Language

Episode 7: Something About Dismay

Episode 8: An Old Man’s Music

Episode 9: 2’s and 7’s

Episode 10: You Could Have Stopped At Hopeful

Episode 11: Little Moves in the Confessional

Episode 12: Can Art Help Us Now?

Episode 13: Grief & Mystery, Funk & Soul

Episode 14: Horse and Rider

Episode 15: Good At Vulnerable

Episode 16: Two Recordings Walk Into A Bar…

Episode 17: The Lessons On Offer

Episode 18: The Lesson That Surprises