I’ve had the chance over the past two weeks to get the lay of the pestilential land, thanks to a short but intense Nights of Grief and Mystery tour in B.C. I’ve seen how these last twenty months have treated some of my fellows. And that set me to thinking, and reconsidering. And the season is in change, and that bears me towards some deciding.

There is a statute of limitations – or there should be – on how often and for how long one should prevail upon one’s fellows for an ear. I’ve been at it for a while, with little respite, in the form of books and tours and interviews and concerts. So this seems a good time to withdraw from the hurly burly. I’m planning a series of five interviews in November, which to me will be a chance to summarize, and draw the odd conclusion. And then I’ll sign off for a while. The site will still be here for book and cd sales. We’ll keep the wide range of interviews freely available there, and we’ll release the odd new bit of information about school possibilities and the like through the winter. Mostly, though, I’ll quiet down.

Thank you for these last years.

Stephen Jenkinson
Founder of Orphan Wisdom