You might be a band when you say it. But you know you’re a band when you play it.
You could be a band when you learn your chops. But you know if you’re a band once the needle drops.

By year’s end, our twenty months of waiting were done. We’d made a record – Rough Gods – but we’d never played it. Not together.

So we chanced it. We threw the knuckle bones, swept the floors, laid the wires, made the calls. December 12’d ourselves.

We tuned and toned, had a few drinks, told some lies, loosened up. Asked the Old Worthies for help that day. And played.

Dead Starling Session: that’s what happened.

A camera in the room
changes the room. 
Okay. We did that deal.

No deal with distress, though.
No deal with distraction.
No documentary of the dire days.

Here’s what we asked for:
to be in tight with the Mystery Days.
To linger a while with the Rough Gods.
That’s what we did.
This is the document.

Livestream broadcast of the Grief & Mystery project’s performance film Dead Starling Session.

Stephen Jenkinson and Gregory Hoskins to host the broadcast.
Live q/a.
Sunday, 29 May 2 pm EST

Watch the trailer for Dead Starling Session Film: