About the Film

A faithful document of a band’s first encounter performing material meant for the road—but kept from the road—for two years. Shot over 5 hours on December 12, 2021, in a 125 year old factory that is home to Dead Starling Studio, the film features material from 2020’s ROUGH GODS as well as a reimagined piece and 2 new works. 100% live and handmade, shot on 3 iPhone Pros, and multitrack recorded.

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Running time: 46 minutes

Featuring: Stephen Jenkinson, Gregory Hoskins, Lisa Hodgson, Adam Bowman and Colleen Hodgson

Recorded by Charlie Scaife. Filmed by Kevin Breit, Harri Palm, and Don Rooke. Mixed by Gregory Hoskins on UAD. Edited by Gregory Hoskins in FCPX

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