Death Phobia and Grief Illiteracy Talk

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Death Phobia and Grief Illiteracy Talk

January 10, 2016 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

This Sunday at 10am PST (1pm EST), Terry Patten of Beyond Awakening invite Stephen to speak… “Death Phobia and Grief Illiteracy: How They Distance Us from One Another, Our Planet, and Our World Crisis”
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Some of you will be able to ask live questions toward the end.

Stephen has devoted his life and career to working with dying people and their families, and he is bringing a revolutionary perspective to the process of facing death, grieving and dying in North American culture. He brings a fierce heart and clarity of vision to this work, good medicine that can help people make healthy, embodied end-of-life choices, and attend to the care of the soul.

On Sunday, we’ll be examining “death phobia” and “grief illiteracy,” two wide-spread conditions Stephen has diagnosed, the fundamental dynamics by which we disconnect culturally from one another and our planet, contributing to our global crises.

It is painful to face death, destruction or loss. But we flinch, and try to avoid that pain. Thus, for most of us grief is a vast unexplored territory. Because we don’t dare to go there, we dwell in only a small portion of our existential estate.

Stephen will share his thoughts on why that is, and how we can go beyond our own death phobia and be deepened and strengthened by an honest, wholesome engagement with appropriate grief.

Stephen has also deeply contemplated the human relationship to climate change and the degradation of nature. It is easy for many of us to look at the deep existential insanity in the psychology of those who deny climate change. But Stephen goes further and illuminates the paradoxical death phobia underlying most ecological care and climate activism; and how this mis-orientation renders environmentalism so profoundly ungrounded and ineffective.

You’ll also hear Stephen explain why grief and discernment are profoundly intertwined, and how grief is a form of moral intelligence. We can confront our own death, and that of our loved ones, in healthy, honest, and empowering ways. It is how we as individuals can do our part to prepare our species for a great, honest collective confrontation with our current loss—a destabilized atmosphere and biosphere.


January 10, 2016
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
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Orphan Wisdom