Being Human in a Perilous Time – Devon UK

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Being Human in a Perilous Time – Devon UK

December 5, 2014 @ 7:00 pm - December 7, 2014 @ 12:00 pm

UK Orphan Wisdom SchoolDec.5-7, 2014 

Having been graciously invited several times to your good country over the last while;  having been considered, listened to and attended to some; and now having been asked by a determined few to return again, I after good consideration offer something to you in response.

There have been kind and persistent requests for me to establish the Orphan Wisdom School somewhere – anywhere – in the U.K. This is something whose time may have come now, or it may not yet have come. There are limits to these ‘one-off’ teaching events, plenty of them. Those limits chafe all of us who are labouring for a better day. Many long to give themselves to something with legs, something that has staying power, that lasts longer than the meetings last. The Orphan Wisdom School does so, it is true. Out of respect for you and the particularities of your peoples, cultures and histories though, I would not simply airlift some one-size-fits-all version of the School and drop it onto some unsuspecting, generic conference centre in the English countryside.
It is proper that if we are to make something together worth doing and faithful to these strange and troubled times we do so in a way that could honour where it will live, there among you. There is nothing inevitable about being able to do so.  Each of us will have to earn our way toward such a thing.
Here is my proposal: we will see if we can build a learned house for learning there, where you live. We will do so not by throwing desires, dreams and lonelinesses into a pile and hoping they stand on their own. We begin not by building a learning house, but with diligence discerning the willingness and the  capacity among you to  learn how to live in such a house. In that way we might cobble together the myriad skills of living deeply and dying well, in some kind of togetherness of purpose. From this a school might in time appear. Either way, a noble start. A fine undertaking.
This is faithful in spirit to the incarnations of the School now in Canada.
This kind of work needs workers, not customers. Let us see if this is possible.
Let us see who is dreaming such a dream.
You are most welcome, and most needed by these strange times we find ourselves in.

*Early-bird Registration Fee (when paid in full by/ on Oct 31):
Residential rate is GBP295 also includes shared accommodation and meals. 
Non-residential rate is GBP285 includes meals.
*(for those folks who’ve already paid the regular price, you’ll be reimbursed upon registration.)
Registration Fee: 
Residential rate is ~Cdn 580 (GBP315) also includes shared accommodation and meals.
Non-residential rate is ~Cdn 562 (GBP305) includes meals.
Registration Fee for folks under 25:

Residential rate is GBP265 also includes shared accommodation and meals. 
Non-residential rate is GBP255 includes meals.

Early booking recommended as there are only 33 residential spaces available!
Max. number of participants is 60.

Location: Sharpham House Estate, Ashprington, Totnes, South Devon, TQ97UT.
Vegetarian meals:
incl.Fri. dinner, all meals on Sat., breakfast and lunch on Sunday
Teachings: Fri. evening after dinner, 2 sessions on Sat. and until noon on Sunday
Payment via PayPal to: 
Duncan Passmore, 
For more information email: 

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December 5, 2014 @ 7:00 pm
December 7, 2014 @ 12:00 pm


Orphan Wisdom


Sharpham House Estate
Totnes, South Devon TQ97UT United Kingdom
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