Stephen Jenkinson has a message. Here’s what it is: We have found the enemy, and it is amongst us. He would say it IS us, but he’s more diplomatic and doesn’t want to shock us into staying away…

Stephen Jenkinson has a school. This school is a pathway to show how current human life on much of this planet came to be this way, and provides a pathway to another way. Inherent in any school is a vision of the future. This school embodies, dare I say, hope, one of Stephen’s least favorite words when connected to dying talk.

Hope for a better day when we humans come out of this madness we call culture, that is eating the world, and return to our place in partnership with all of creation.

He recognizes that the fruit of his labors may not been seen in his lifetime. Yet, as John the Baptist in the wilderness, he cannot help but give his life in service to a larger healing story.

I have tremendous respect and gratitude for his efforts on behalf of so much and so many.

Reverend Bodhi Be
Ordained Interfaith Minister
Doorway Into Light / Executive Director
The Death Store / Founder, President
Sufi Ruhaniat International / Teacher and Guide