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I've had the chance over the past two weeks to get the lay of the pestilential land, thanks to a short but intense Nights of Grief and Mystery tour in B.C. I've seen how these last twenty months have treated some of my fellows. And that set me to thinking, and reconsidering. And the...


Due to all the guesswork regarding the plague, the efficacy of and polemical contortions around vaccination, governmental requirements regarding gathering limits and personal feelings of risk and safety and the like, we remain unsure as to when the Orphan Wisdom School will resume.

Nights of Grief & Mystery Safe/Sound Salons West Coast B.C. Tour – Plague Document Books Readings

This is a little minor keyed announcement of the no-fanfare, low-rent, low-overhead, lowball, lowdown ramshackle reconnoiter of the state of affairs/state of siege/state of grace that prevails. To wit: a 'don't call it a tour' words and music tour of the B.C. coast. With great care and mindful of the prevailing psychic and public...