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Stephen Jenkinson and Gregory Hoskins have collaborated on two new recording projects, being released in October/2020:

DARK ROADS: A new full-band live record taken from the 2018/2019 North American Nights of Grief and Mystery tours.

ROUGH GODS: A studio record of new collaborations made in spring 2020. Learn more.

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Crossing Over

The customs man asked: “Name of band?”
Doesn’t have a name.
“What kind of music do you do?”
Not sure we’re doing any kind of music. We’re making music that music doesn’t make. It’s barely there, serving something. And you can dance to it. Gospel, maybe.
“So what’s the grief and mystery thing?”
That’s what happens when the people come.
“People come to something you call Grief and Mystery?”
I know. I don’t get it either.
“Go across.”

This record was recorded in autumn, 2018/2019. It belongs to whoever would steal from the young the seized up indifference that comes from not seeing the real thing at least once.


Come the Romans
What The Masters Have
Come The West
Beauty Bereft
Angels, Demons, Dying Nurse
Hippie Radio
Dark Dear Heart

DARK ROADS – Come the Romans – Sample Track

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