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The feature length National Film Board of Canada ‘s documentary (dir. Tim Wilson) film about Stephen Jenkinson’s work with dying people. This extraordinary portrait reveals some of the cultural and spiritual roots that continue to shape his ideas and teaching. Available in DVD format in English with French subtitles, or watch online in English only.

About Griefwalker

Dying: the great blindspot in a culture awash in information, the great arbiter in a culture adamant about extending the power of choice across all of our endeavours. Griefwalker is a feature length National Film Borad of Canada documentary of stephen Jenkinson’s work with and on behalf of dying people, directed by Tim Wilson. It is also a profound mandate for creating sanity around the heart breaking and often toxic death fears and practices that gather at our dying time now. Jenkinson asks,”What does it take to fall in love with being alive?”, and the answer that he offers, both unwelcome and vitally necessary, is, “Being willing to see the end of what you love.”

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