All upcoming public events are listed here. Should you be interested in hosting a talk where you live, do be in touch with us at contact us.
In the works for 2019:
– Southwestern and Southern Coast USA February
– Australia, New Zealand late April, early May
– North American Teaching Tour (Oct?) 2019

Here you will find brief descriptions of a few of the teachings I have given over the last ten years. They are here to give you feeling for the scope of the many learning projects of the Orphan Wisdom teaching house.

In our teaching tours across Canada, the U.S. and overseas we have worked with local people and organizations to create hundreds of teaching events that respond to the needs and concerns of those communities and of the helping organizations that serve them.

One sure way for you to attend any teaching that interests you is to become a local sponsor and help to make a teaching event that we could present in your community. We have a ‘How It All Could Work’ promotional kit to help you plan and produce a workshop where you live and work. This spirit of partnership is the essence of Orphan Wisdom’s work. Contact us an email to learn more about these teachings.