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Reckon & Wonder: Grief, Elderhood, Spirit Work ~ A weekend at Orphan Wisdom, Ontario

Orphan Wisdom Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada

Two authors and teachers from different countries and different generations – one known for his work on death, the other known for her work on birth – reckon with building culture in a me-first era the troubles of the times. Location/ Host: This is the first-ever such Reckon & Wonder weekend at the Orphan Wisdom […]

2022 Farm Apprenticeship ~ Ontario

Orphan Wisdom Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada

Apprenticeship went the way of old courtesy in most working environments long ago. But apprenticeship is an old courtesy. It was there in the mystery schools, in the guild halls, in any place people were willing to marry discipline to the desire for understanding, to sire purposeful lives, achieved and contemplative lives that were indivisible […]