Money and the Soul’s Desires: A Meditation


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What is the origin of the dread so many of us experience in money matters? Where does money get its power to provoke conflict and discord? Is it even possible to live a soulful, authentic life in the presence of money? These are some of the questions this book makes a language to explore. Available in print, digital download and a 5 CD audio book spoken by the author.

About Money and The Soul’s Desires

Money rarely gets the attention it deserves from us. Not ‘how to get more’, not even, in these trying times, ‘how to keep what you have’. Instead: What does money do to us? What is its power? And from whence comes the seemingly insoluable wedge that divides money matters from matters of the spirit and heart? This book is a meditation that brings the quietly tortured relationship we have with money up into the light, where it belongs, the first mandatory step in redeeming the personal and cultural amnesia which accrues to money, the first step to a principalled sanity and soulful skill where money is concerned.

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