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Stephen Jenkinson

Ken Rose interviews Stephen Jenkinson about his work with Orphan Wisdom in a talk about Eldership and proceeding as if you are needed, not as being needy. Listen below by clicking on the orange play button to stream the podcast.

Photo: Ian Mackenzie


Ken Rose sat down with Stephen Jenkinson over a series of interviews to discuss death and dying and Stephen’s work at his Orphan Wisdom school. We have now put all of those interviews together in one place for you to listen, share and and enjoy.

Listen to Part 1

Listen to Part 2

Listen to Part 3

Stephen Jenkinson - Culture of Dying

Extraenvironmentalist speaks with Stephen Jenkinson about our cultural difficulty with death. Stephen draws on lessons learned from decades of working with death to describe how we can frame our civilization’s trajectory. We ask how to find sanity in a time of alienation and if we can be a human in difficult circumstances. Stephen describes the distinct jobs given to us as our family members die.